FlashAcademy® for Schools

An independent learning tool for Primary & Secondary MFL

Over students currently use FlashAcademy® to grow their vocabulary, strengthen their grammar and improve speaking fluency.

Suitable for:

  • KS1
  • KS2
  • KS3
  • KS4
  • KS5

Independent learning

FlashAcademy® enables pupils to learn independently, inside and outside of the classroom.

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Improve engagement

The unique combination of lessons and games engages pupils like no other platform available.

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Encourage competition

Pupil performance is recorded on live leaderboards, motivating them to keep going

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Track progress

Monitor school, class and pupil progress at anytime with the teacher dashboard.

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Raise attainment

Improve pupil vocabulary, grammar, speaking, spelling, listening and writing skills.

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Comprehensive resource for your pupils


Vocabulary is curriculum aligned from Primary through to A-Level.

Pupils have full access to all content, helping to align their learning with schemes of work or individual ability.


FlashAcademy® develops pupils’ genuine understanding and use of language.

Key grammar concepts are taught alongside vocabulary acquisition.


A range of lessons, challenges and games to test and develop pupils’ spelling.

Pupil performance is recorded on the teacher dashboard, and can be reviewed at any time.


FlashAcademy® uses speech grading technology.

This improves pupils’ confidence and accuracy in the target language.


Pupils’ listening comprehension is constantly improved by a range of challenges.

These include simple words through to sentences and longer dialogues.


FlashAcademy® tailors each pupils’ learning experience for accelerated progress.

This means every pupil has a unique experience on the platform.

FlashAcademy® teaches all key MFL disciplines and can easily be aligned to any scheme of work.

Learn across devices

FlashAcademy for schools works seamlessly across all modern devices, on iOS and Android. Student use is synchronised whether they use the app in class or at home, with progress captured on the teacher dashboard.


Our Methodology

Find out how we design our materials and why our method contributes to language learning success

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Tailor a FlashAcademy® package to suit your school

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Sir Mark Grundy

Shireland Academy

At Shireland we seek out the very best resources for our students. We’re excited that our students are using FlashSticks and FlashAcademy® both inside and outside the classroom to develop their German skills.

Dr Neil Hopkin

Peters Hill Primary School

Enables children to become more independent and teachers to create more personalised paths for them. We’ve noticed increased pupil engagement since we started using this.

Angela Molinari

University of Wolverhampton

We seek out the very best resources for our students to use. FlashSticks and FlashAcademy® is a great example of this that our students use both in and out of the classroom to develop their language skills.

Dave Irish

Shireland Academy

I would wholeheartedly recommend FlashAcademy® to other schools. We have seen a significant impact on pupil performance from the platform here at Shireland Academy.

Sian Willsagoo

Shireland Academy

Pupils are really enjoying using FlashAcademy® – above everything, it’s a really engaging way for them to learn and breeds a healthy level of competition within class.

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